1850’s: G.W. Horton jr. superintended the laying of a marine railway on the east shore of Pilot Avenue for the purpose of hauling and launching vessels for a Mr. Underhill of New Rochelle.

1863: David Carll bought the property at East Pilot Avenue from G. W. Horton Jr. and officially established his shipyard.  In 1866  David Carll builds the 106 ton c.b. schooner yacht Vesta for Pierre Lorrilard Jr..  Vesta competed in the Great Ocean Race of 1866 with the full keel schooners Fleetwing, and Henrietta.


     Vesta, Henrietta, Fleetwing             U.S.S. North Carolina

1867:  The old U.S. battleship U.S.S. North Carolina is bought as salvage by David Carll beached at his yard and salvaged for good timber and hardware used in future building including that of the first bridge connecting City Island to the mainland.

1886: August 6th of that year, Henry Piepgras a shipbuilder and Naval Architect who owned and operated a yard at Pottery Beach in Brooklyn, buys the David Carll Shipyard. At City Island he introduces construction in steel and iron to compliment building in wood.

1889: Henry Piepgras builds the steel schooner yacht Constellation designed by Edward Burgess. At 136’ the largest steel schooner yacht yet built in the country. The yard is busy with upwards of 150 employees.

1899: In May of this year 65 year old Henry Piepgras sells his yard to a syndicate led by Robert Jacob, a businessman, yachtsman. Jacob expands the yard operations with new railways, sheds and a sail loft to be occupied by Ratsey & Lapthorn Sailmakers.

World War I and II:  The Jacob Yard was gears for war time production building Harbor tugs and Subchasers as well as yacht conversions for Patrol Boats during the WWI. During the second World War built 136’ YMS Minesweepers, 136’ PCS Subchasers, Harbor Tugs, 70’ Vosper style PT Boats as well as much conversion work for yachts to Patrol Boats.

1946: Seeing the last of government contracts and the trend towards smaller yachts with less maintenance the Robert Jacob yard is sold to Consolidated Shipbuilding. Consolidated established in the 1890’s had operated for many years out of Morris Heights area on the East River and were famous for building mostly power yachts up to and over 200’. Over a two year period they would relocate to City Island. Consolidated Shipbuilding continued building yachts mostly in the 39’ to 60’ range with several model available.

1959: The Consolidated Yard is bought by a syndicate headed up by Wes Rodstrom Sr.. Rodstrom at time operated a boat yard at the City Island Yacht Club at the other end of Pilot Street. At first he ran both yards eventually giving up the yacht club yard. Over a two year period the yard changed names to the Rodstrom Shipyard and then in 1961 became Consolidated Yachts Inc.

2000: A new century with new owners Michael Piparo and Wes Rodstrom Jr., as Wes Rodstrom Sr. after 50 years retires from the Yacht Yard business.

Consolidated 2001

 2002: The barque rigged snows Lisa is completely rebuilt and re-rigged to U.S. Coast Guard regulations for Charter use.


Above left as the snow Lisa and right rebuilt as Formidable